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employee stock option loans


employee stock option loans  and stock loans

Lexus Capital is a private investment fund founded with the mission of helping private company founders, employees and early investors achieve liquidity and diversification from their highly concentrated, illiquid shareholdings.  Alan Donenfeld, Founder of Lexus, realized that founders and employees create more value for all shareholders if they realize liquidity on some of the significant value they had created prior to a sale or IPO.




employee stock option loans  and stock loans

 Lexus provides founders and early investors with three primary sources of liquidity and diversification:​

​​1) Sale of Shares for Cash​

​​2) Loan Against Stock or Loan to Exercise Options​

​​3) Exchange of Shares of Your Company for Shares in Lexus 


employee stock option loans  and stock loans

Lexus Capital has a dedicated team that will work closely with the founders, management teams and early investors to complete a timely transaction. Our experience and knowledge allows us to move through the process quickly—from investment evaluation, to the issuance of a Letter of Intent (LOI), working with the company's finance and legal department on any right of first refusal or other issues, and finally completing legal document preparation and deal consummation.


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