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Seed Finance Survey 2012: Internet/Digital Media and Software Industries

From Fenwick & West LLP  March 25, 2013

In early 2011 Fenwick & West LLP published their first Seed Financing Survey (for 2010) in recognition of the growing importance of seed financing to entrepreneurs and the venture capital environment, especially in the internet/digital media and software industries. This is the third such survey. In addition to providing information for 2012, this survey also offers comparative information with 2011 and 2010 to facilitate the identification of trends.

Private Company Liquidity: Fueling American Entrepreneurship

From Arcstone    Bo Brustkern

For high growth companies, one of the most efficient and effective ways to align interests among stakeholders, and to allocate wealth among those who help create it, is through the issuance of stock, stock options and restricted stock units.

Midstream Shareholder Liquidity Alternatives: Structuring Shareholder take-Outs in Growth Equity Financings


From Cooley LLP   -  Dan Meehan and Alfred L. Browne

​The recent increase in private financing transactions with a dividend, redemption, secondary sale, or other "take-out" component is well documented.


Inside the Growing Secondary Market for Venture Capital Assets


For the last 15 years the secondary market for private equity and venture capital investments has grown from $600 million in 1998 to well over $50 billion in 2012.

Secondary Liquidity Drives Real Benefit for the Venture Capital EcoSystem




A Second(ary) Chance for Venture Capital
Auren Hoffman   BusinessWeek

Troubled VCs need to rethink how long they invest in startups; many should fund early and then sell to a secondary firm after a few years    

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